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Jean Charest

Charest is still the man – go figure

Jean Charest 35%

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Call it the Charest paradox. Even though the Quebec Premier has never been much loved throughout his 14 years as head of the provincial Liberal Party, and even though a huge proportion of Quebeckers are dissatisfied with his government, Jean Charest still has a fair chance to be re-elected for a fourth mandate when he decides to hold an election – maybe in the spring.


This is due to two reasons: an unusual resilience that allows him to pass through the worst political storms with a kind of placid stoicism and Zen-like attitude, and the ineptitude of the opposition parties that will allow the Liberals to occupy the middle ground between an increasingly leftist Parti Québécois and the right-wing Coalition Avenir Québec.


A year ago, the PQ was poised to win the next election. Instead of quietly following the course toward a probable victory, party militants went through a six-month period of nasty infighting, prompted by the shock of seeing their sovereigntist brothers of the Bloc Québécois trounced in the federal election. 




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