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Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney plans job bank for skilled ­immigrants

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The federal government plans to create a global job bank to bring in more skilled foreign workers, while using a new technique to end the “bizarre” situation where low-skilled temporary foreign workers are hired in Canadian communities with double-digit unemployment, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Friday.

The job bank idea, modelled after New Zealand’s immigration system, is a major departure that will take legislation and at least two years to implement, according to Mr. Kenney.

Every application from a prospective skilled foreign worker will go into an online pool, and provincial governments and employers will have the ability to cherry-pick potential employees who will have their applications fast-tracked.

“We’d essentially operate that as a huge, overseas federal job bank if you will,” Mr. Kenney said of the proposal, which was mentioned in a singe sentence in Thursday’s budget and got little attention.




By Peter O’Neil


Source: nationalpost.com

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