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Islamic Dawa Party

MP from Maliki's party resigns

Islamic Dawa Party 44%

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A popular member of Nuri Al Maliki's political party (Islamic Dawa Party) has stepped down as MP, apparently over his unhappiness with a key supreme court ruling last month, an official said yesterday. Jaafar Al Sadr, 40, son of the founder of Prime Minister Maliki's Islamic Dawa Party, submitted his resignation after having been elected to parliament last March. "He resigned without giving a reason, but his resignation still has to be accepted by parliament speaker," a source said. He is the only son of Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr Al Sadr, who founded the party in 1957 and was killed by Saddam Hussein in 1980. The MP's "decision was motivated by his differences with the official line of his parliamentary bloc," led by Nouri Al Maliki, the source added. "Unlike Al Maliki, Al Sadr supports the independence of young institutions, like the Independent High Electoral Commission and the Commission on Integrity (the anti-corruption agency)," the source said, referring to a January 18 supreme court decision to link several independent bodies, including the election commission, the central bank and the anti-corruption watchdog, to Al Maliki's cabinet.




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