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Ibrahim Sarsur

MK Sarsur: Arabs want peace, Israel prefers war

Ibrahim Sarsur 60%

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War and peace: Arab countries are committed to peace while Israel prefers war, Arab Knesset Member Ibrahim Sarsur said Friday evening in a speech before thousands of people attending a Muslim festival. "The Arab world decided that peace is its strategic choice, but to our regret war and the use of force remain Israel's preferable option," Sarsur said. "The region is facing serious challenges and risks, with Israel bearing most of the responsibility for them." Turning his attention to Jerusalem, the Knesset member said that "Muhammad the Prophet's journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and from there to the heavens created in an absolute and eternal manner a connection to the holy sites." "It created the exclusive Islamic sovereignty over the al-Aqsa Mosque," he said. "If Israel thinks that peace is possible without giving up east Jerusalem, this is an illusion." MK Sarsur also expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in the Palestinian Authority and called for early elections in the PA. "The Palestinians are raising doubts over their readiness to establish an independent state and this is how the Palestinian people are portrayed in the world," he said. "Therefore, the people must act immediately in order to change the impression that was created. The only way to secure this critical objective is through early elections to the Palestinian parliament." Sarsur also called for unity within the Arab-Israeli community and particularly for a merger between the Islamic Movement's northern and southern branches, and among Arab parties ahead of the next Knesset elections.


22:04 , 01.08.08

source: www.ynet.co.il

autor: Sharon Roffe-Ofir


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