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Anticipating globalization risk

Globalization, support 18%

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The presence of Indonesia in the recent G20 meeting held in London has increased the country's leverage in the world. This is a strategic move given the past failure of the Indonesian government to seize opportunities for playing a greater role in the globalized political economy. 

As the G20 is basically an organized effort to control the globalization process that affects every individual country including Indonesia, we need to have a deeper understanding of how globalization poses unprecedented risks to all of us.

It is not a reality driven by natural forces but constructed by an intellectual discourse that later on guided the motion of the world political economy. For the past forty years, globalization has penetrated nearly to every corner of the globe.

The concept of globalization is highly contested in that the benefits and detriments it spawns have been a heated debate among scholars.

Joseph Stiglitz, the mouthpiece of the critical group against globalization, has emphasized vivid facts of the way in which gl. balization has provided the means to Western industrialized countries only to exploit natural resources from less developed countries.


by Sulfikar Amir

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