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Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party


Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party 48%

The Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party held its Annual General Meeting last night at a packed John Macintosh Hall Theatre. The GSLP was boosted by a massive attendance of its rank and file membership.

The evening started with the Party holding its annual elections to its Executive Committee to fill the posts left vacant by the rotational retirement of members.
Nicholas Avellano, Daniel Guerrero and Chairman and political veteran Juan Carlos Perez were re—elected to their posts.

Brenda Torres Domenici and Mario Victory were newly elected.

The meeting then moved on to deal with a number of motions.

The first was a motion moved by the re-invigorated GSLY, the Youth wing of the party. The Youth motion, presented by GSLY Committee member Jared Negron called on the party to commit itself to ensure that a future GSLP Government will give priority of employment to local residents, that every young person will be found employment and that youth facilities are extended to cover weekends. The motion was passionately supported by Joelle Baglietto, the Chairman of the GSLY and was unanimously endorsed by the membership which had received the two speakers from the junior ranks of the party very affectionately. The motion came from the Youth wing and now binds the Executive and the Elected Members; reflecting the fact that in the GSLP’s democratic structure, all members work together to make party policy.

The second motion highlighted the chaos that the GSD have presided over in respect of the traffic situation on our roads. The motion was proposed by Daniel Guerrero and seconded by Elected Member Gilbert Licudi. Their speeches identified that in the term of office when the GSD had said they would be concentrating on traffic and parking, the chaos on our roads was worse than ever. The conclusion of the motion was that the GSD must either have broken its promise to make traffic a priority or have been totally incompetent in their handling of it. Mr Licudi was particularly scathing of the GSD for having only produced glossy leaflets on the traffic chaos but having done nothing to aliviate the reality of the problem on the ground for motorists and pedestrians alike; something with which the membership strongly identified itself.

A motion on the cost of the new air terminal building by the frontier was presented to the meeting by Brenda Torres Domenici (who had been a co-opted member of the Executive for under a year to fill a vacant post and has now been elected for two years in her own right). The membership was told that the air terminal building is a monument to Mr Caruana’s political folly, that it was not a requirement of the Cordoba Agreement on the Airport and that the introduction of flights to Spanish destinations had turned out not to be viable. Fabian Picardo seconded the motion, telling the meeting that the GSD’s fluid waste of tax-payers money was infuriating the electorate and that the £80m cost of the terminal and associated works was only the tip of the iceberg. Mr Picardo received a rapturous response from the floor to what he described as his political fury at the disgraceful wa. te of our community’s resources by the GSD; describing how the waste of ascends to hundreds of millions of pounds.



Source: The Key (April 23, 2010)

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