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General strike in the United States of America

Extreme Civil Disobedience 2012

General strike in the United States of America, General strike in the USA 60%

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Politicians are raising tuition fees on students and want to raise taxes on everyone. California is facing a projected budget shortfall of over 2 billion dollars. Governor Jerry Brown has proposed raising sales tax due t prison overcrowding.


Raising your taxes will NOT solve this problem. In 2010, corporate giant GE made hundreds of millions of dollars but paid almost NO taxes. If GE, B of A, Wells Fargo and other corporations and banks paid their FAIR SHARE, there would be no federal, state or county deficits/shortfalls. Instead, the government would have a surplus like they used to.


Roads, dams, schools, hospitals, prisons, jails, etc. would not be in disrepair or overcrowded. The government would have the money they need and would not be looking for ways to raise taxes, cut social security, cut social programs or raise tuition fees. We already pay more taxes than corporations, now they want us to pay more for less. Corporations spend millions of dollars buying off our politicians. Politicians are paid over $100,000.00 a year. That’s over three times the starting salary of police officers or schoolteachers. When politicians overspend the people’s money. They should be required by law to take a pay cut. This would guarantee a balanced budget. Voting has only served to ensure the continuation of one corrupt party or the other. Occupying parks is NOT an effe. tive protest. SHUT IT DOWN! They won’t listen any other way. Join these local protests taking place.


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