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Existence of UFOs

Was the Roswell "UFO" really a Nazi-inspired Soviet aircraft?

Existence of UFOs, Existence of UFO 81%

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Area 51 has long been a mecca for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists interested in uncovering its deep, dark secrets.

This week, journalist Annie Jacobsen published a book entitled "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base," in an attempt to reveal some of America's best kept UFO legends. In her book, Jacobsen claims a particularly interesting alternative theory to the infamous 1947 "UFO crash" in Roswell, New Mexico.

Basing her premise on Area 51 history as well as an interview with an unnamed former engineer who worked at the base, she believes it was not aliens at all who touched down, but rather a Nazi-inspired Soviet spy plane.

To truly understand where she’s coming from, it’s important to understand the main purpose of Area 51.

In the 1950s, the base was associated with the Atomic Energy Commission which used the nearby Nevada Test and Training Range to test atomic bombs.



By Lydia Leavitt



May 19th 2011

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