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Existence of UFOs

Stimmell: California's UFO-inspired wines are out of this wo

Existence of UFOs, Existence of UFO 81%

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Oenophiles adore wines that rise into the realm of entertainment. Such offerings make great conversational grist while dining with friends. Sampling the peak performers of the latest Vintages release (price be damned), I was awed by Randall Grahm’s latest epiphany, Bonny Doon Beeswax Vineyard 2008 Le Cigare Blanc (#95331, $29.95, 92/100).

Grahm, long ago dubbed “the Rhône Ranger” for his pioneering panache in playing seriously with Rhône grapes in California, has again created an eclectic gem. “Le Cigare” pays homage to his iconic red blend Le Cigare Volant, named after a cigar-shaped UFO that was spotted in 1954 over a Châteauneuf-du-Pape winery and got the locals vignerons so up in arms that they passed an ordinance banning them from flying over their vineyards. The white version is loaded with peach, beeswax, yellow plum, apple and coconut nuances, and is a masterfully bracing blend of roussanne and Grenache blanc.



By Gord Stimmell



May 19 2011

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