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EFD: Political elite have 'abandoned ordinary people'

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"LABOUR Party leaders are a prime example of the political elite who have abandoned ordinary people," said MEP Timo Soini, Bureau Leader of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group who are distributing the new Lisbon information leaflet in Ireland.


Finnish MEP Timo Sioni, who was in Dublin on Friday to explain the EFD leaflet said on Monday night, "Eamon Gilmore is a prime example of Labour hypocrisy and treachery over Lisbon. Eamon Gilmore said the day after the June 2008 referendum: 'People have made a decision.

"The Lisbon Treaty cannot now be ratified. And I think that the decision that has been made by the Irish people has got to be respected by everybody.' Yet now he is campaigning for it. Not much respect there."

Mr Soini went on to say that the Labour Party had 'ignored the Irish people's voice' and had abandoned the ordinary worker who he says will be hit by article 52 of the Charter of Rights in the Lisbon Treaty.

"Before Nice Treaty referenda, No side campaigners said it would lead to the large inflow of cheap labour from Eastern Europe and the flight of factories and capital to the East," commented Mr Sioni.

"That is exactly what has happened yet senior Labour reps like Pronsias De Rossa MEP were misleading people when he told the Irish Times: 'It is a deliberate misrepresentation to suggest that tens of thousands will suddenly descend en masse on Ireland.' We all know what happened and whose job and wages levels are under threat," added the Finnish MEP.

He continued, "Labour don't like what the EFD group of MEPs have said about Turkey, yet the facts are straight-forward. Lisbon is necessary for further EU expansion. Nice only allows up to 27 states. Sarkozy has said, 'No Lisbon, no enlargement.' If the Irish people vote No, Turkish accession cannot take place.

"A yes vote makes Turkish entry possible. This would mean a race to the bottom in wage rates and an undermining of CAP payments to farmers. It's hypocritical of the Labour party to talk down the danger of Turkish accession while they, along with FF and FG fully support it, and the EU Commission just opened another accession chapter with Turkey in July."

Mr Sioni was also at pains to point out that this was not his first visit to Ireland.

"I have been to Ireland 18 times, became a Catholic because of my experiences here and absolutely abhor all types of racism, including the racist use of the term 'Anglo-Saxon' by some Yes campaigners."

He concluded by saying that the Irish people were being asked to choose between the supremacy of The Irish Constitution and the EU Constitution which he said was now re-sprayed as the Treaty of Lisbon .

"If Lisbon is passed, the new EU becomes a new state for the first time with new citizens. Only the people of Ireland now can protect democracy for the rest of Europe. The Europe of Freedom and Democracy group hope they will do the right thing, stand firm for their own interests and refuse to be bullied," he stated.

The Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament are sending a Lisbon information leaflet to every home in Ireland.

According to the EFD, he leaflet is not . ublished or distributed by UKIP as they claim it would actually be illegal for them to do so.


Citation: Politics.ie (23.9.2009)

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