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Essam Sharaf

Sharaf tells protesters: "I get my legitimacy from you"

Essam Sharaf 37%

Essam Sharaf, spent his first day on the job by walking into Tahrir Square and telling tens of thousands of protesters that he would carry out on their demands for democracy. If he didn’t, he said, he would be the first one to join them on the streets.

“I get my legitimacy from you, the people,” Mr. Sharaf told cheering crowds before being carried out triumphantly from the square on the shoulders of supporters. “You are the ones to whom legitimacy belongs.”

Protest leaders argued that Mr. Shafiq, named by Mr. Mubarak in the dying days of his regime, wasn’t carrying out their remaining demands, such as releasing political prisoners and going after corrupt members of Mr. Mubarak’s government.

In the latest sign of change in the largest Arab country, the military said on Friday that it had set March 19 for a national referendum on constitutional changes that would loosen restrictions on running for president and create strict term limits in a region dominated by autocrats.

Mr. Sharaf, a U.S.-educated engineer, showed a deft political touch by turning up at Tahrir, the center of the protest movement. It was something neither Mr. Mubarak nor Mr. Shafiq dared to do.”Until now, the attitude among Egyptian leaders has been one of ‘I shouldn’t have. to explain myself to you,’ ” said Alaa Al Aswany, one of Egypt’s leading novelists.



Source: yalibnan

5 March 2011


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