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Degel HaTorah

Agudat Israel splits from Degel HaTorah

Degel HaTorah 39%

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Ten days before deadline for submission of Knesset rosters, House Committee approves breakup of Hasidic, Lithuanian United Torah Judaism groups. Dispute leading to chasm revolves around rotation of 6th, 7th spot on party list. The Knesset's House committee approved Thursday morning the split between the Hasidic Agudat Israel group and the Lithuanian Degel HaTorah group that make up the United Torah Judaism party. The approval came 10 days before the deadline for submission of party lists for the 18th Knesset elections. Degel HaTorah leader MK Avraham Ravitz told Ynet, "We've already started to set up headquarters under the assumption that we have no partners. We are responsible people. We would rather go together, but we will not be dictated to." Ravitz himself announced last month that he would not run for another term after serving 20 years in office. "We are not talking to deaf people – people who only want to talk and don't want to listen. We have guidelines and we have demands – we must change the order of the representatives in the party and the manner in which positions are selected. "If they take our demands seriously, we can have it over with in an hour, but when this hour will come, I do not know," Ravitz added. An Agudat Israel source also confirmed the split, saying, "We keep reaching out to keep the unity and peace, but if they insist on splitting, they will have to . ive with the consequences."


17:08 , 12.18.08

autor: Ronen Medzini

source: www.ynet.co.il


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