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Death Penalty

Does the death penalty deter crime?

Death Penalty , Death Penalty 52%

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General Reference (not clearly pro or con)


Daniel S. Nagin, PhD, Professor of Public Policy and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, and John V. Pepper, PhD, Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia, wrote in their 2012 book Deterrence and the Death Penalty:
"...[R]esearch to date of the effect of capital punishment on crime is not informative about whether capital punishment decreases, increases, or has no effect on crime rates. Therefore, the committee recommends that these studies not be used to inform deliberations requiring judgments about the effect of the death penalty on crime rates. Consequently, claims that research demonstrates that capital punishment decreases or increases the crime rate by a specified amount or has no effect on the crime rate should not influence policy judgments about capital punishment."



2012 - Daniel S. Nagin, PhD
John V. Pepper, PhD


Read PRO (yes) and CON (no): ProCon.org (3/13/2013)

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