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Danny Davis

Congr. Davis Celebrates His Birthday With The Community

Danny Davis 67%

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On Sunday September 11, from 4PM until about 9 PM community and community leaders came together to celebrate Congressman Danny Davis’s 70th Birthday. The celebration was not only to celebrate Congressman Davis’s birthday but it was also in remembrance of the horrifying events of 911 which took place 10 years ago on the date. The celebration took place across the street from 3333 Arthington.


There was foods, conversation, laughter, singing, and a candle light visual for the victims of 911 at 7:00 PM. The candle light visual was also an action for world peace. Congressman Davis and Garfield Major gives this birthday celebration every year together with the community. The Congressman’s birthday is actually on September 6th, however he found it to be significant to give it on the 11th of September in order to keep his community in tune with the date and remembrance of what happen 10 years ago on this very date. Congressman Davis said “ I am here today to offer the people the chance to be apart of community——an opportunity to connect with each other to develop community spirit.

There was a very diverse crowd—people from all walks of life came out to celebrate Congressmen Davis’s birthday—–black, white, latino, african, and asian. Mr. and Mrs. Heiman Wong from China town came to celebrate with Congressman Davis and said that he and his wife come out to celebrate every year that the event is given. Mr. Wong says “I have kno. n the Congressman for about ten years and I just want to thank him and say Happy Birthday—he always helps me out when I need him.”




By Tali Bakhit


Source: nlcn.org

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