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Daniel Feetham

Caruana highlights 'unity behind Feetham'

Daniel Feetham 49%


Former Chief Minister Peter Caruana has said that he leaves the reins of the GSD he led for 22 years, “in the good, safe hands of Daniel Feetham”, who he argued, will in due course make a great Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

During the course of a speech at his retirement party, Mr Caruana acknowledged that his decision to step down from

front-line politics had not been easy, but had been made easier by the confidence he had in his successor.

He said: “He has intellect, the commitment and the ability to be not just a great leader of this party, not just a great leader of the Opposition in Parliament, but earning the support of the majority of the people of Gibraltar as he must, I think he will be a great Chief Minister as well.”

Mr Caruana said the changeover at the top of the organisation ensured that its “values, standards and vision” for Gibraltar would survive ts long standing leader, and be passed on “from generation to generation.”




by F Oliva

23rd March 2013

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