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Constitution Party Will Have Candidate for Governor

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The Republicans have not given any hint of finding an opponent for unstoppable killing machine Gov. Mike Beebe. The little-known Constitution Party IS giving such hints. They already have someone lined up to run. It only remains to be seen if they can get ballot access. Here is a message to the members from Chairman Tom Mayfield....

We are quickly approaching the November election in Arkansas and throughout the nation. I want to supply everyone with some general information about candidates and registering to run as a Constitution Party Candidate.

1) We will have to get ballot access to run candidates in the November election. We will start working on ballot access the middle of March. Once we start we will have 90 days to get it complete. Right now we have to get 10 thousand signatures on petitions. I am waiting on information from the Election Office of the SoC to know the exact form and manner of doing this. I will be passing information along in a few days on this.


5) We will have a candidate running in the Governor’s race. We hope to support this candidate and capture more than 3% of the vote. If we can do this then we will be on the ballot next election without having to do ballot access.

6) Thanks to all the County Chairmen and people throughout the state that have been working to build the CPA this past year. We have experienced large growth in membership. I will be sending out notification of a state wide convention in the coming weeks. We would really like to have as many attend this meeting as possible.

Again thanks to all . nd I will be sending more information out soon.


Mark Moore


Source: ARKANSAS WATCH (February 11,2010)

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