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Q&A with Sen. Chuck Grassley on the drug, K2

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Q & A: Banning the Harmful Drug K2

Q.  What is K2?

A.  K2 is the common name for incense that is laced with toxic, mind-altering chemicals.  It is also called spice, genie or synthetic marijuana, among other things.  K2 is packaged as a harmless product.  Young adults are smoking it to obtain what they consider to be a “legal high.”  Many of them think K2 is natural and, therefore, harmless, when in fact K2 is anything but natural and harmless.  According to a recent study, most of the chemicals found in K2 aren’t even on the package ingredient list for the incense that has been laced.  The study determined that this was intentionally done to be misleading.  Most of the chemicals that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has identified in K2 were invented in the 1990s and used in experiments on mice.  The researchers never intended for the chemicals to be used outside the laboratory, so the chemicals were never tested on humans.   

Q.  What are the effects of K2?

A.   Common effects are elevated heart rate and blood pressure, seizures, agitation, panic attacks, passing out and significant hallucinations.  K2 can be deadly.  On June 6, 2010, an 18-year-old Iowan, David Rozga, smoked a package of K2 with friends.  They bought it at a shopping mall in Des Moines and, since it was legal and marketed to appear natural, they thought smoking it would be risk-free fun.  According to David’s friends, after smoking K2, he became extremely agitated and terrified.  He killed himself with a shotgun less than two hours later.  By all accounts David was a happy young man looking forward to starting college in the fall.  David’s family and friends believe that he would still be alive i he hadn’t smoked K2.  The police investigation found no evidence that David was suicidal. 




Source: easterniowahealth


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