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Cedric Richmond

Richmond and Cincinnati Mayor Mallory Blast Republicans

Cedric Richmond 50%

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On a press conference call organized by the Democratic National Committee, Congressman Cedric Richmond (LA-2) and Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory blasted the GOP for their willingness to raise taxes on the middle class and the impact it would have on African Americans.

Last year, President Obama lowered the payroll tax, benefitting 98% of Americans.  The President wants to keep that rate low, but Republicans in Congress are opposed to the President's efforts and want to raise taxes on nearly 160 million Americans.  This will have an adverse effect on African American families who have benefited from the lowered payroll tax.  During the debt ceiling debate Republicans protected the interests of millionaires and billionaires by preventing the wealthiest Americans from paying their fair share, but they refuse to stand with the middle class families who are working hard to make ends meet.  Not a single Republican presidential candidate has addressed the needs of the middle class during the debates.  Now it's time th. y give voters a final answer: Do they agree with Congressional Republicans that the middle class should pay more taxes?





Source: reuters.com

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