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Candice Miller

Rep. Candice Miller on Fed. Flood Insurance

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The National Flood Insurance Program will expire in a month unless Congress keeps that money coming. It allows for victims to rebuild in the same flood-prone reason areas. And my next guest says that pretty much has to stop. Candice Miller is a Republican congresswoman from Michigan.

That's a big stipulation with this money that you don’t like, right, Congresswoman? You're on the phone with us right now. What's your big fear, that they will simply just rubber-stamp the same type of behavior?

REP. CANDICE MILLER, R-MICH.: Well, Neil that does happen over and over and over again.

But I guess I would just start with the basic premise. The question I ask is why in the world is the federal government in the flood insurance business? And, of course, we're watching these pictures of the flooding and our hearts go out to all of these individuals. But it's terrible when someone's home or their business floods.

But isn't it also bad if your home burns down or if you get in a mudslide or a wildfire or what have you? Why did we just pick flood insurance? If we really think the federal government should be in the insurance business, why not just take over everyone’s homeowner insurance?

Let's really get at it, if that is going to be the federal government's business. It's because of this, though, this particular program is $20 billion -- actually over $20 billion in debt right now because, no surprise, guess what, the federal government is not a very good insurance agent. So we need to get out of this business, I believe.

Source: foxnews.com

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