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BC Social Credit Party

Poll: BC Socreds err Liberals' popularity sinking

BC Social Credit Party 44%

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" The Liberals keep on sinking. A new poll is showing how much the government's popularity is falling ahead of the new HST in July.      

The latest Angus Reid research puts the Liberals at 26 per cent support in B.C. - that's down 20 points since May's election.

The NDP sits at 46 per cent.     

The poll also found more than 60 per cent of British Columbians living in Liberal-held ridings would be willing to sign a petition to unseat their MLA.     

Research Director Hamish Marshall tells the Vancouver Sun that's a staggeringly high number and speaks to a complete disconnect between the government and a large chunk of the population.     

The Harmonized Sales Tax kicks in July 1st. Organizers of the anti-HST campaign have prmised a recall effort targeting Premier Gordon Campbell and other Liberal MLA's. "




Jun 10, 2010

Read more: www.canadianmalcontent.net


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