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BC Marijuana Party

BCMP: Marc Emery: Top CelebStoner

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Newly elected Top CelebStoner Marc Emery is gearing up for the Winter Olympics, which takes place in his hime town Vancouver from Feb. 12-27. Hopefully he'll be there to enjoy the festivities. The Prince of Pot is slated to be extradited any day to the U.S. to serve a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds.

Marc Emery BCMP"There will be pot at the medals ceremonies," he predicts. "It will be interesting if they pick up a contact high just by being in Vancouver."

This is typical Marc Emery - baiting the authorities with the threat of civil disobedience.

Born Feb. 13, 1958 in London, Ontario, Emery operated a bookstore in the early '90s where he openly sold High Times, which was banned at the time under Canada's drug literature law. Emery moved to Vancouver in 1994 and opened Hemp BC. That same year, thanks in part to Emery, the drug-lit ban was lifted.

In 1995, he founded Cannabis Canada magazine, which evolved into Cannabis Culture. It was Canada's answer to High Times. He created Emery Seeds, which occupied the first 12 to 16 pages of each issue. From 1996 to 1998, police raided Hemp BC and arrested Emery several times. Each time he paid fines for selling seeds and paraphernalia.

In 2000 and 2001 Emery started the Marijuana Party of Canada and the British Columbia Marijuana Party, which he still heads. He's run for office several times.

In 2004, Emery spent three months in a Saskatoon on a pot possession charge.

In 2005, he and two others were arrested by DEA agents working with Canadian authorities and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and marijuana seeds, and to engage in money laundering. In 2009, Emery pled guilty and was incarcerated for seven weeks. He continues to await extradition.

"Marc Emery did not break any Canadian laws," writes Tommy Chong at CelebStoner. "Selling marijuana seeds is not a crime, no matter what anyone says. I was put in jail for 'shipping a bong across state lines' by the Bush criminals, so I know what Marc is going through."

Emery joins fellow Top CelebStoner activists Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, Debby Goldsberry and Steph Sherer. He's the 42nd. person to be elected Top CelebStoner by the readers of this site.

Free Marc Emery!


Source: CELEBSTONER (February 4,2010)

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