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BC Liberal Party

The BC Liberals should change their name

BC Liberal Party 29%

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BC Liberal MLA for Vancouver Quilchena, former Finance Minister Colin Hansen, says it is time for the BC Liberals to change their name. The move comes on the heels of the demise of the federal Liberals in the May 2nd federal election, where the Conservatives won a historic majority government. Hansen says with Christy Clark as the new BC Liberal Leader and Premier, now is the time to look at changing the party's name.

Frankly, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party is long overdue to have this internal debate as well. The Saskatchewan Liberals have suffered off and on for the last 40 years due to interference from and association with the federal Liberals. The provincial party gains absolutely nothing from its association with the federal Liberals. Now that the federal Liberals have been flattened in Western Canada and since there isn't going to be another Liberal Government in Ottawa anytime soon (if ever again), it is time for the Saskatchewan Liberal Party to rebuild under a new name, one that captures its unique identity. The Sask Liberals, like the BC Liberals, should change their party colours. Green has already been taken by the Saskatchewan Party, so maybe the newly. re-christened party could use gold, the other provincial colour.



By John Murney


Source: sklibertytrain


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