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BC Conservatives

Delay ban on old-style light bulbs, B.C. Conservative says

BC Conservatives 48%

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B.C. should defer the restrictions it’s placed on the sale of incandescent light bulbs, says the leader of the provincial Conservative Party.

John Cummins says the B.C. Liberal government has, “jumped the gun and ignored legitimate concerns,” about the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp bulb, or CFL.

In a release Wednesday, Cummins said the concerns include, “poor quality lighting making reading difficult for seniors and the tendency of CFL bulbs to trigger migraines.”

He said a BC Conservative government would defer the ban on incandescent light bulbs and participate in the federal study of the impact of mercury based CFLs. The next B.C. election is scheduled for May 2013.

As of Jan. 1, 2010, the B.C. government prohibited retailers in the province from restocking 75-watt and 100-watt in. andescent bulbs once their current supplies had been sold.




Nov 17, 2011

Read full artilce: www.cbc.ca


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