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Bob Rae

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Bob Rae was given the nickname "Bob the Rebuilder" when he became interim Liberal leader after the worst election loss in the party's history. He has lived up to those expectations, demonstrating that there is life after Michael Ignatieff for the decimated Liberal party. He outshines the other interim leader in the Commons, the NDP's Nycole Turmel.

In a speech Wednesday at the Economic Club of Canada, Rae began to flesh out his vision of the future of the Liberal party. Rae defines it as the party of the middle class, which has been a casualty, he says, of ideological politics. It is a point that is likely to resonate with many.

He is also defining the Liberals as the party of facts and serious debate, which is fertile ground at a time when the Conservatives' omnibus crime bill is just the latest example of policy at odds with evidence.

Rae notes, "The trouble with the populist narrative, whether of the left or the right, is its essential dishonesty, as if a simple bumper sticker 'tax the rich' or 'tough on crime' is really going to provide answers to the real issues we face as a country."





November 16, 2011

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