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Blair T. Longley

Legalization may still be a pipe dream

Blair T. Longley 54%

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Canadian pot advocates are renewing their push for legalization based on a study that showed Canada as having the highest pot use among industrialized nations, even though the study’s purpose was to determine adverse effects of cannabis use.

The UN statistics that the study was based on showed that one in 25 Canadians ages 15 to 64 used cannabis in 2004. The study’s results, published in the Addiction journal, claimed that high levels of cannabis use are related to poorer educational outcomes, greater welfare dependence and unemployment, lower income and lower relationship and life satisfaction.

The study also measured cannabis as a gateway drug and found in 86 per cent of cases cannabis use preceded the use of another illicit drug.

Vancouver-based pot advocate Marc Emery is currently awaiting extradition to the US for charges stemming from his mail-order cannabis seed business. His wife, Jodie Emery, operates his Cannabis Culture store and magazine in downtown Vancouver. Emery denied the idea of cannabis as a gateway drug.

“A cannabis user may go to another harder drug that the dealer supplies,” she said. “If cannabis users were purchasing their cannabis from a safe environment they wouldn’t come into contact with those harder drugs.”

Federal Marijuana Party leader Blair T. Longley worries that the idea of legalization will soon go up in smoke.

“Unfortunately, evidence and logic. has never made any difference in the fight for legalization of marijuana. Look at the Conservative party, reefer madness is alive and well in their minds,” he said.




Source: leasahachey.com

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