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Bill Redpath

Bill Redpath presents the rebuttal you probably never saw

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Libertarian Party chairman William Redpath (who resides in Leesburg, Virginia) had a scathing response to President Obama's State of the Union address, and even to Gov. Bob McDonnell's rebuttal.

"I can say exactly the same thing about President Obama's speech tonight that I said about George W. Bush's State of the Union speech in January 2008: 'Tonight's State of the Union address went much as expected. Instead of calling for a more limited role of the federal government in American society, the President laid out plans that would only increase the government's intervention into the realm of economics, health care, education and foreign policy."

In his speech, the Chairman blasted the reckless spending that the administration has engaged in, the continued augmentation of federal powers, and the continuing threat to our personal liberties.

He farther cautioned about reactionary voters flocking back to the GOP.

"As Americans lose hope in Obama, we Libertarians are warning voters against running back to the Republicans who got us into such big messes in the first place. Republicans started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans made the false intellectual case for bailing out banks and car companies. Republicans argued that deficits don't matter. Republicans gave us the giant Medicare expansion bill."

Redpath outlines several simple steps to address the nation's woes, including bringing the troops home, slashing entitlements, and cutting taxes to allow the free market to operate.

Redpath's speech scores a full 5 out of 5 stars, for its impassioned language, critique of the fallacies inherent in each address (and the two major parties themselves), embrace of the free market, and outline of solutions to the issues facing Americans.


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Source: examiner.com (January 30,2010)

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