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Alison Redford

Premier Redford promotes Alberta down south

Alison Redford 23%

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Premier Alison Redford will be searching for answers when she arrives in Washington on Monday.

The trip comes just days after the Obama administration announced it would be delaying a decision on the pipeline until after the November 2012 presidential election.

On the PC Association website Redford said she understood it was a domestic issue for the U.S. but would be looking for answers on why they came to the decision.

She also said the trip was bigger than the Keystone XL project.

"This is not, per se, a trip about Keystone.

"This mission is about Alberta; about the fact we are good stewards of the environment, and that we are ideally positioned to be a safe, secure and responsible supplier of energy to the US, which is our good friend and largest trading partner."

Redford added that the Keystone pipeline was, "an important piece of infrastructure for our province. It will provide jobs and an important means to ship our product to market."

However, the president of the Alberta Federation of Labour told CTV News the U.S. decision may be for thebest.




By Chandra Lye

Nov. 13 2011

Read full article: edmonton.ctv.ca



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