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Al-Wasat Party

The Future of Al-Wasat Party

Al-Wasat Party 25%


After its split from the Muslim Brotherhood in 1996, Al-Wasat Party quickly became the darling of many western academics due to its progressive stance on several democratic issues while maintaining an Islamist identity.  Its stated goal was to unite Egyptian society by forming a political party that separated the Islamic da’wa (calling) from the ambitions of a political party.


Through this separation, it hoped to represent a majority of the Egyptian electorate, which it sees as reflecting Egypt’s predominately Islamic character, with a modern political party focusing on the governing aspects needed for the state to function.  To this day, members voice their hope of uniting Egyptians through this party whose members believe sits in the middle of the political spectrum in Egypt.


However, the party’s recent support for the Brotherhood-led constitution has placed significant doubt as to whether Al-Wasat Party is concerned with uniting Egyptians at all.  Several in the opposition have claimed that in exchange for Al-Wasat support for the constitution the party was rewarded with nine presidential appointees to the Shura Council, a significant total for a party which has had virtually no political success to date.




By Nicholas Gjorvad

January 16, 2013

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