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Adam Kinzinger

Kinzinger Office Staff Calls Cops On Peaceful Protesters?

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U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger is no stranger when it comes to getting HIS message out. However, if his constituents want to get a message out to him via a peaceful protest (in front of his office) - well, then his staffers are instructed to call the cops. And they just didn't do it once - they did it twice! Now that is what I call giving voters a Big Turn of the Screw!

You know, I can't tell you exactly how many robocalls we received during Adam Kinzinger's run for office, but, they numbered in the dozens. Yes - that was plural! Even after the election, Kinzinger's robocall's have continued to come so long as they are messages that HE and/or his Tea Party Co-Hort's are trying to push or distort upon us.

Don't get me wrong - I like the idea of using technology as a means to get these "conference call town hall meetings." That is - if they actually relate to issues in the elected officials' district. The 11th, for instance, has had a real problem when it comes to JOBS and people want to know what the Representative is doing about it. That is of major importance to us voters here. Unfortunately, though, all we get is the same old Tea Party Rhetoric that calls for regular folks to give up what they earned, while no effort is being made to go after the Big Tea Party Campaign Contribution Machine, a.k.a. Big Business  who are somehow exempted from paying their fair share of taxes.





By Michael Ciric


Source: chicagonow.com

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