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Abhishek Singhvi

We want a lean, mean Lokpal: Abhishek Singhvi

Abhishek Singhvi 16%

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ABHISHEK SINGHVI: 'Judicial delay is a far bigger problem than the lack of an independent investigation and prosecution mechanism'. Photo: S.S. Kumar The Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Lokpal Bill, on corruption and the most pragmatic ways to check it.


Rajya Sabha MP and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi chaired the 30-member parliamentary panel that presented its voluminous report earlier this month on the Lokpal Bill 2011. The report has points of divergence with both the official Lokpal Bill draft and the Team Anna version. (The Union Cabinet on Tuesday night approved a Bill for the creation of the Lokpal with constitutional status that will have no control over the CBI but brings within its purview the Prime Minister with a number of safeguards.) Excerpts from an interview with Mukund Padmanabhan, held earlier in the day.


At the heart of the upsurge of public anger against corruption, which a strong Lokpal Bill has come to symbolise, is a basic truth. Namely, that our criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to corruption, is constantly subverted by political interference in the work of investigation and prosecution agencies. Do you agree?


I agree with the sentiment but not with the way you put it. I think you are entirely right in that there is a great amount of legitimate frustration about the criminal justice system, the sloth and the inefficiency.


Photo: ABHISHEK SINGHVI: . Judicial delay is a far bigger problem than the lack of an independent investigation and prosecution mechanism'. (S.S. Kumar)


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