Politicians and Election, Vote in Freedom, Actively Participate in Democracy, Vote for Change, Online referendum


Politicians and Election, Vote in Freedom, Actively Participate in Democracy, Vote for Change, Online referendum

I initiated the project in 2008 and pushed it forward for years until it finally run out of my personal budget. Since May 2013 it is without any development and further since February 2014 it is without any regular maintenance.
Would you like the idea please
Yours Peter J. Rudzan

ElectionsMeter is established to increase personal awareness of the politics and political parties that impact our lives on a daily basis. It is dedicated to the world public. Its mission is to give all individuals the power to participate in real political democracy to vote and show own political preference and opinion without restrictions regarding a government´s established election date, however every so often, when they want to express their opinion. ElectionsMeter is a community of users engaged in a creation of a free forum for information concerning political elections, dialogue, evaluation and interaction - ultimately giving voice to impact and show politician´s preference.

ElectionsMeter is guided in order to serve a political balance enabling equal representation of various political ideals and uphold our commitment in being non-partisan. We will do our utmost in our power to avoid favouritism of any position over another, or giving extra support to any individual or entity. Our goal is to offer an unbiased counter-point. The embedded user views are permanently moderated to ensure that only socially acceptable topics and content are published.

ElectionsMeter invites politicians, newspapers, media portals, corporations, philosophers, analysts, economists, thought leaders, as well as various groups and associations to join our community. Their involvement is equally as important as the rest of ours - it takes determination and participation at all levels to affect your opinion to be published and achieved.
ElectionsMeter is your community. Get involved, join us. 

Your ElectionsMeter, October 2008. Copyright ©2008-2021

ad1.) The ElectionsMeter deliberately allows system of multiple votes per poll. It is ElectionsMeter protected technique. Our approach opens the new space of democratic way to express true users (voters) passion. All users get equal chance to increase the value (the weight) of their opinion. It is the way the voters can express not only strength but also continuity of their positive or negative opinion towards a politician, a political party or a political issue. ElectionsMeter gives the general public maximum of chance to express their opinions up. At the same time, if necessary or if requested, ElectionsMeter has tools to evaluate „seemingly depreciated data” the very usual way in terms of common rules „one voice per poll and man”. Furthermore, the system allows everyone, on the basis of changed social situation to change and vote according to the most current user\'s view. ElectionsMeter has tools to detect and prevent abuse and unfair vote. The aim of the ElectionsMeter project is to attract and bring politics and political topics much closer to a common user, apparently to give this sometime boring agenda a new dynamic sparkle, to provide the public with a maximum of comprehensive information, to make it more attractive and widely interesting. Particularly dedicated to those modern people who are a bit exhausted to vote on the rare official election day. We strengthen the rules of democracy, bringing new opportunities and principles. We welcome any form of assistance or support of this original, non-commercial and non-governmental project.

ad2.)The ElectionsMeter is independent non-profit project. It does not enjoy any government funds nor support from a political party or a politician.

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