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Miguel Figueroa

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The leader of the Communist Party of Canada since 1992.
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ENG: Miguel Figueroa (born July 29, 1953) has been the leader of the Communist Party of Canada since 1992.Figueroa was born in Montreal. He was a student activist with the National Union of Students joining its staff as national organizer. Political career He joined the Communist Party in 1977 and held many positions within it including party organizer in Vancouver from 1978 to 1985, and leader of the party's Atlantic branch (based in Halifax) from 1986 to 1992.The protracted ideological and political crisis created much confusion and disorientation within the ranks of the Party, and paralysed both its independent and united front work for over two years. Ultimately, the Hewison-led majority in the party's Central Committee voted to abandon Marxism-Leninism. An orthodox minority, ...
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Canadian communist leader Miguel Figueroa in Johannesburg

Miguel Figueroa,
Communist Party of Canada at the 12th International Meeting of Communist & Workers’ Parties, December 3-5, 2010, Centurion, South Africa Esteemed Delegates, Dear Comrades, Our Party joins with all others in expressing our gratitude to its organizers and especially our hosts, the South African Communist Party for convening this important meeting of our international movement. And we pay tribute to this beautiful land and its resolute people, and especially to its many revolutionary leaders and martyrs – past and present – who have helped to forge a ...

Commun. Party of Canada offers unique political perspective

 A federal election is a brief period of intense partisan debates, but also a time to reflect on the fundamental issues facing Canadian society, and the entire world. The Communist Party of Canada has a unique perspective to offer in this campaign. Our political outlook is based on “people before profit”. We call for a “People’s Alternative” to defend the immediate and long-term interests of working people and the environment. At a time when millions of Canadians are out of work or stuck in dead-end jobs and poverty, we need policies to create good jobs and ...


 As the May 2 federal election began, People's Voice interviewed Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa about the campaign.People's Voice: What are the most important issues around which the federal election will be fought?Miguel Figueroa: I heard a political commentator dub this a "Seinfeld" election because - like that famous sitcom - this campaign will be `about nothing', without any pivotal issues or defining themes. But appearances can be misleading.Stephen Harper and his stable of advisers in the Prime Minister's Office have been crafting such a scenario since the last ...

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