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  • Mitt Romney 63%
  • Barack Obama 51%
  • Sarah Palin 56%
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 70%
  • Ron Paul 68%
  • Republican Party (United States) 45%
  • Afghanistan war, support 18%
  • Hillary Clinton 55%
  • George W. Bush 30%
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. 62%
  • Ben Bernanke 61%
  • Democratic Party (United States) 54%


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The United States is a federation. It is a constitutional republic and representative democracy. Citizens are usually subject to three levels of government, federal, state, and local. There is no proportional representation at the federal level, and it is very rare at lower levels.

Joe Biden Barack Obama President: Barack Obama 50%
Vice-president: Joe Biden 52%

Popularity of the United States - I like 70%
Political situation in the US - satisfied 49%

The most popular politician: Arnold Schwarzenegger
The most popular party: Democratic Party (United States)
..next The most important event: Afghanistan war

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